Labour Optimisation

Enable a high-performing workforce with increased efficiency & productivity every shift


Complete warehouse management

Purpose-built for complex distribution centre operations, the Labour Optimisation module provides a comprehensive planning and intra day management solution.

Gain a complete understanding of the metrics that drive overall performance.

  • Compare scenarios
  • Ensure service levels are met
  • Improve efficiency
  • Reduce cost
  • Improve safety
  • Improve responsiveness and flexibility.

Optimise each shift with forecast volume

Generate optimum shift patterns and resultant employee schedules using forecast inbound and outbound volume.

To generate these forecasts, all necessary constraints are considered:

  • Receiving windows
  • Store delivery windows
  • MHE
  • Off task
  • Unplanned absence
  • Congestion
  • Shift constraints
  • Employment agreements
  • Fill ranking.

Compare scenarios for optimal outcomes

Ensure you plan to create an optimum outcome with the scenario comparison.

Manage each scenario, and modify volume profiles and one or more constraints to compare optimum scenarios prior to publishing.

You can also generate weekly profiles, and re-optimise your intra day operations considering ‘actual’ volume.

Efficient performance management

Stay up to date with your team’s performance throughout the day on your forecast report dashboard. With this, you’ll receive up-to-the-minute intra day performance with API integration to Manhattan WMS.

View performance:

  • Actual vs planned
  • By cases or cartons
  • By pallets
  • By function (volume or rates).

Track KPIs efficiently with up-to-the-minute data

Keep track of your KPIs, with all the information you need in one easy to access dashboard.

This performance dashboard covers:

  • Volume
  • Overall work rate (OWR)
  • Direct work rate  (DWR)
  • Cost per carton (CPC)
  • Average work rate (AWR)
  • Indirect
  • Absenteeism.

A configurable dashboard to suit all requirements

Making interpretation of all your data simpler, the dashboard can be configured to suit you. This enables you to take control with easier, efficient tracking of performance in real time.

Configure your dashboards with:

  • Definable panels
  • A continued feed from WMS
  • Intra day performance
  • Projected end of day position.

Detailed reporting for a complete understanding

With numerous standard reports to choose from, reporting is simpler and significantly faster to execute, and the results are easier to understand.

Your reports also include variance analysis by:

  • Shift
  • Budget vs Plan vs Optimised vs Actual
  • Hours, dollars or rates.

Spreadsheet functions include the ability to export, filter, group and sort, to enable an efficient reporting process.

Quick, accurate management of schedules

Detailed schedule views enable quick and easy access to the scheduling information you need to find.

View your schedules by day, week, month or shift, and quickly analyse the details to provide a clear picture of what’s happening and when.

Analysis can be displayed by:

  • Daily cost
  • Planned cost
  • Daily hours
  • Planned hours.

Leave the analysis up to us

Manage and analyse your team’s leave, view trends and get easy access to the numbers you need to know.

Analyse leave by the measure you need:

  • Unplanned vs planned
  • Daily summary
  • By chamber
  • By task
  • Trends by day
  • Trends by month.

Quick access to all employee information

Create a rich team member master file to keep track of all relevant information for each employee.

Your Team Member section covers:

  • Employee profiles
  • Employment conditions
  • Qualifications
  • Fixed rosters
  • Availability
  • Performance discussions
  • Return to work management
  • Training.

Design your home page and configure notifications to suit you

With a flexible home page, you can configure the order of each section and your notification settings to suit your requirements.

Home page modules include:

  • Late starters
  • Attending but not scheduled
  • Employees off-task
  • Working on functions different to the plan
  • Absent on planned leave
  • Absent on unplanned leave
  • Absent
  • Performance discussions due
  • On Return to Work plans
  • On training
  • Leave requests pending approval
  • Working more than contracted hours
  • Birthdays & anniversaries
  • Expiring qualifications.

Effective team management, even when you're on the go

Enabling efficient and effective management from wherever you are, the mobile application makes it easy to keep up to date with your team’s performance.

View up to date information from the DC floor, all from your mobile device.


Make it easy for your team members

The mobile app, available on Android and iOS, makes it easy for your team members to take control of their scheduling, timesheet and application requirements.

With the mobile application, your team members can:

  • View schedules
  • Maintain availability
  • Maintain profiles
  • Apply for leave
  • View timesheets