Organisation Profile

Effective & efficient communication, with a clear understanding of your organisation and team members


A clear view of your organisation's structure

Remove the guesswork and enable efficient lines of communication with a clear view of reporting relationships and structures within your organisation.

These relationships also determine which users can view, maintain and control each team member’s information, including approvals for:

  • Timesheets
  • Leave requests
  • Compliance
  • Assessments etc.

Several worksites? No problem.

With the ability to link different worksites or locations with different positions, make the Organisation Profile work as it needs to for your business or organisation.

Define the reporting relationships within each worksite or location to keep each employee informed of their responsibilities.


Rich team member profiles for efficient access to employee details

Keep all relevant information about your employees in one easy to access place.

Team member profiles include:

  • Contact details
  • Education history
  • Qualifications
  • Experience & work history
  • Skills
  • Certificates
  • Licenses
  • Languages
  • Achievements

Ensure all compliance requirements are met

Ensure quick access to your business’ compliance information, requirements and outcomes. Graphical reporting makes understanding your staff mix and turnover simple, allowing quick action on areas that need to be addressed.

Compliance is also simple to manage for valid:

  • Skills
  • Licenses
  • Certificates
  • Induction
  • PPE.

Always on the move? Take the information with you

Need quick and easy access to your team’s profiles and information? No problem.

The mobile app enables managers to view team member profiles, reporting relationships and employee schedules any time, whether they’re in the office, on the warehouse floor or working remotely.

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