Succession Planning

Build a stronger, higher-performing team through understanding the value of your talent, improving awareness of each opportunity, and proactively managing the risks


View team member progress over time

Based on the proven 9-box performance matrix, the succession plan provides a visual representation of your team members’ performance. Date-effective presentation allows you to view and track each team member’s progress over time.

Whether you’re managing a large warehousing team, a local sports team or sales professionals in any sized office, the performance matrix makes efficient and effective understanding of your people’s performance possible.

Drill down to the details

Keeping track of the details surrounding your team’s performance and progress is now easier than ever.

Graphical representation lets you view your team members’ performance per quadrant. This includes drilling down to view positions by quadrant, as well as each team member by quadrant, for a detailed understanding of each team member’s value.


Understand your opportunities & be proactive

Ensure you always understand your opportunities and proactively manage your risks across key positions in your business with effective use of the Succession Plan.

With more valuable information readily available at your fingertips, you’re able to best use it to your, and your business’ advantage.

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