Time & Attendance

Create an efficient, accurate & reliable attendance management system

Intelligent facial recognition attendance capture

Improve accuracy, reliability, efficiency and safety with facial recognition time & attendance management. Safer for your staff, warehouse and business, our no-touch system ensures more efficient clocking in and out, every time.

  • High-speed facial recognition reliably captures attendance as team members walk through the door
  • The integrated system increases efficiency and accuracy by automating timesheet, invoicing & payroll management, with no room for manual error
  • Reduces cost by eliminating buddy punching. (An average employee costs a business an extra 4.5 hours per week!)
  • Safer for your staff with no need to queue or touch the same screen or equipment to clock in and out of every shift
  • Safer for your business by reducing common high-touch surfaces, ensuring productivity levels remain high, and eliminates time theft.

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Automate attendance management with a tablet-based time clock

If a facial recognition system isn’t right for your business, implement the tablet-based time clock to capture attendance accurately, reliably and easily, every shift. It’s one less thing you’ll have to worry about.

The time clock includes:

  • Automated site-based notifications
  • Exception management
  • Costing transfers
  • Geo fencing for location-specific devices
  • Online schedules.

Compliant with many Fair Work Awards

Remove the need for manual extension of timesheets. Determine the applicable award for each candidate or job and leave the rest to automation, to significantly improve efficiency and reduce the risk of error with award interpretation.

  • Remove payroll errors
  • Ensure correct invoicing
  • Significantly reduce payroll processing times
  • Improve cash flow through reductions in errors
  • Protect your business from the threat of ‘wage theft’.

Generate accurate proforma timesheets

For a more efficient, accurate timesheeting process, simply generate your schedule for proforma timesheets to be generated automatically.

Timesheets can be maintained directly in the application, with candidate entry and customer approval available directly from a mobile app.


Stay up to date with up-to-the-minute detail

With accurate, up-to-the-minute data and notifications for all attendance-related matters, you won’t be left guessing again.

In your dashboard, find all information regarding:

  • Employee attendance
  • Unplanned leave
  • Absentees
  • Missed clocking
  • Leave requests due
  • Available candidates
  • Returning from absence
  • Attending but not scheduled
  • Expiring qualifications.

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