Your competitive advantage starts here.

Beautifully clever software to make the most of your people.


Complete people-centred software solutions to enhance performance & optimise workflows

The automation, flexibility and visibility required for better decision making across all HR and management processes. Choose any combination of features to build a solution that fits your unique people management and process requirements, from planning to payroll, in any industry.



Enable efficient scheduling and planning across every system, with optimisation at your fingertips.

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Success begins with a high-performing team, by attracting and recruiting the right employees.

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Enhanced tracking, management & development to engage and retain your most valuable people.

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Keep all systems operating smoothly, without the stress – including payroll!

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Tomorrow's success starts today.

Our mission is to empower businesses with a sustainable competitive advantage.

How? Through the use of clever software to help you make the most of your people as the world, and your competitors, change. Innovation, automation and optimisation are our future. We’re here to turn them into a reality for yourself and your business with the implementation of intelligent, flexible software systems that enable a proactive focus on planning for tomorrow, today.

As the world continues to evolve, we believe you have a choice: Adapt or fail – it’s up to you.


Enabling proactive people management and better decision making across a range of industries

Your competitive edge relies on the best utilisation of your time, resources and people. It’s that simple. 

Build your own BlueSky solution with any combination of our people management features, or choose an existing system from our growing brand network.

Providing industry-leading solutions, these brands continue to raise the bar for what you should expect from your software across all processes.

Looking for a tweaked, tailored or a bespoke software solution?

Explore our UserFirst development methodology for an insight into how we will create the software system you've been dreaming of.


Document requirements & initial design

  • Gather requirements
  • Document requirements
  • Prototype development
  • Documentation of integration requirements

Prototype review through to acceptance

  • Prototype review & user feedback
  • Update user requirement documents
  • Update prototype for acceptance

Document development solution

  • Document entity relationship model
  • Document developer brief
  • Develop user guides & training materials
  • Develop test scripts

Build your software solution

  • Code development
  • Unit testing
  • User acceptance testing

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