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About Us: Who we are and what we stand for

At BlueSky Creations, we are passionate about using technology to solve complex business problems. We push the boundaries of what's possible in AI, machine learning, and optimization to help you optimize your business and create a better world for everyone.


Coles and IBM Collaboration

BlueSky Creations, in proud collaboration with Coles and IBM, is leading the charge in technological innovation, revolutionizing how businesses approach decision-making with unmatched efficiency.

Leveraging the power of IBM Cplex and our innovative algorithms, we've crafted advanced solutions tailored to overcome today's operational challenges. We invite you to explore the future of operational excellence with us and witness firsthand how our collaboration is propelling success across various industries.

Optimize your business with the power of IBM CPLEX technology

Route your way to success with our routing optimization algorithms Keep your inventory optimized with Meta OPT’s inventory optimization tools. Simplify your scheduling with our intuitive scheduling software.Need something else optimized? Our user-friendly platform enables you to submit your data and receive optimized results in just minutes. With the ability to integrate GPT technology and chatbots, Meta OPT is always evolving to meet your needs.

The most complete HR & talent management software solution

SquirrelHR is a complete cloud-based HR, workforce management and payroll platform for teams of any size.

Squirrel exists to enable people management professionals to engage, manage and retain their top talent. From hiring through to payroll, and an employee’s first day to their last, Squirrel not only makes all people management processes pain free, but enjoyable.

Unlock the full potential of your Distribution Centre Operations

Improve the performance, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of your data center operations. Get customized solutions that meet your specific needs from our team of experts.

OptimizeDC is designed to provide you with the best results and take your data center operations to the next level.

Make your labor hire business more efficient and effective

Empower employers, agents, and candidates with our AI-powered solutions. Transform the way you operate in the dynamic world of temporary and on-demand labor acquisition and provision. Enjoy genuine efficiencies in the labor hire industry with our comprehensive suite of products.

Small business or large enterprise? Our advanced analytics, optimization algorithms, and artificial intelligence can help you flourish in the labor market.

End-to-end recruitment & HR management system

Transform your recruitment, HR & payroll workflows with all systems in one place. Streamline recruitment, HR, and payroll workflows with one integrated system.

Recruit Complete combines a range of Bluesky’s solutions to cater specifically for recruiters, HR managers and business owner to better manage recruitment and their people.

Partner with our team of AI experts and engineers.

We offer custom AI development, prototyping, and implementation services. Our team has decades of experience in AI, machine learning, and optimization.

Collaborate with us to solve complex business problems and take your business to new heights.


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