Workforce Optimisation

Significantly increase productivity across all warehouse & distribution centre systems with the real-time data, reliability and optimisation you've been missing.


BlueSky Workforce Optimisation includes:


Recruitment Management

Building a strong team begins with hiring the right people. Create an efficient, effective recruitment process with all the tools you need in an automated pipeline.

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Labour Optimisation

A purpose-built, complete DOO solution to enable a high performing workforce and efficient management of daily operations, performance and employees in real time.

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Rostering & Scheduling

Better plan your staff, roster and schedule with shift and demand-based rostering to stay in the know with what’s happening at any time.

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Time & Attendance

Efficient and accurate employee attendance management and award interpretation process featuring integration with high-speed facial recognition or a tablet-based time clock.

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Timesheet Capability

Additional capability for timesheet integration if required, including quick and easy timesheet access for employee and manager approval from both web and mobile applications.


Leave Management

Efficient management of your team and leave requests. Quickly view and respond to leave requests, whether you’re in the office or on the DC floor, with web and mobile applications.

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Employee Development

Make the most of your team, with increased development and learning opportunities. Define your plan, assign objectives, manage learning and track performance, all from one place.

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Implement a reliable payroll system that respects your contractual obligations for every employee. Integrated with your time & attendance and award interpretation systems, we ensure seamless and consistently accurate payroll every time.

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Bespoke Design Capability

If you’re looking to tweak or tailor our Workforce Optimisation system to fit your business’ specific requirements, we’re looking forward to hearing from you. See our existing modules, or start from scratch for a complete bespoke solution.

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Interested to see Workforce Optimisation in action?

Enabling high performance across all supply chain operations

Purpose-built for complex distribution centre operations

A comprehensive planning and intra day management solution

Real-time data and reporting to enable quick and accurate decisions

Improving efficiency, productivity and performance each shift, while reducing costs

Take Workforce Management to the next level. It's time to Optimise.

Make the most of your workforce. Create efficiencies across all recruitment, management and reporting tasks, set optimal shifts and ensure you have all the information required to make accurate, informed decisions at any time.


Save time across all recruitment & management processes


Compare scenarios & optimise each shift


Configurable home page & dashboards


Mobile app for effective management from anywhere


Detailed reporting on all key metrics – and more


Quick, simple attendance & leave management


Efficient tracking of performance and KPIs in real time


All the tools required to increase performance

Cut costs by eliminating inefficiencies, with all the tools required to significantly increase productivity across your warehouse.