Tired of manual timekeeping methods for attendance, such as punch cards or time sheets? 

We know about the difficulties that agencies such as yours may face due to long and time-consuming traditional ways to keep attendance streamlined. Say no more. We’ve got you covered.

At BlueSky, we provide a “touchless” Facial Recognition System for keeping track of your attendance. It doesn’t require physical interaction, making it a more hygienic and contact-free option as well – the best option for your agency. 

It improves efficiency, accuracy, and accountability for managing the attendance of your employees at your company. Let’s look at the benefits this system can bring to your company.

Benefits Of Having Touchless Time And Attendance Using Facial Recognition

  • Increased Accuracy in Attendance

This system is intelligent enough to identify workers wearing hats, sunglasses, or even safety masks. Your employees don’t have to worry about not being recognised, because even if they aren’t, their photo will be captured for review to make sure no one is missed. 

Identification of your employees can take place even if they are 100m away. This system can be a game changer for your company in managing attendance. 

  • Maintain Hygiene and Safety

With a hygienic, no-touch attendance management system, you’re now able to minimise illness spread by your staff queueing or touching high-contact areas, such as touch screens or buttons for clocking in or out of the office.

You can maximise productivity among your team to ensure consistent, reliable service for all your customers.

Improving staff well-being, attendance, and overall performance for your business, this no-touch system provides a win-win for both you and your employees.

  • A Time Saver For All

There’s no need to line up – or even pause. Your employees can simply walk through the door for an incredibly efficient clocking system.

Your employees won’t have to skip a beat when clocking in or out, so they can be more productive, as this system works (identifies) with a rated speed of 30 faces per second. Isn’t that amazing?

  • Eliminates Time Theft & Hold Employees Accountable With Automation

It can eliminate common time theft issues, including buddy punching, by leaving the clocking in and out to your attendance management system.

Time theft is not always intentional, but it happens in many companies, and it might happen in yours, too. Buddy punching, or clocking in a friend when they’re running 10 minutes late every now and then, seems harmless. But 10 or 15 minutes for a worker every day certainly adds up!

To put it into perspective, an extra 10 minutes a day for 10 employees on $20 per hour is $8,400 every year. If you have 50 employees, that’s $42,000.

Plus, employees can’t cheat on the face recognition system by taking long breaks (lunch or otherwise) or clocking in incorrectly. A modern system holds everyone accountable for their time.

  • Ensure Proper Payment To Employees

You might be leaving timesheet management up to your employees’ memory or estimates. Recent studies have shown that almost half of all workers will overestimate their time when entering timesheets. Of course, they want their profit. They won’t think twice about calculating that.

Ensure accuracy and fairness across payroll by paying staff exactly for the hours they’ve worked–and none of the hours they didn’t.

  • User Convenience

It eliminates the need for manual sign-ins and can save time for both your employees and managers.

The convenience lies in the system’s ability to instantly recognise their faces and record their attendance without the need for manual sign-ins or swiping of ID cards. This can lead to faster and smoother check-ins, saving time and reducing lines. 

  • Be Proactive

Highlight attendance or productivity issues before they affect your business.

You can easily access attendance and trends, monitor your employees who frequently clock in late and leave early, and you can proactively manage every employee before any issues create problems for your team, business, or productivity.

If employees are not working productively, it can seriously affect your business and your team may even think that they can do the same. 

  • Monitor Attendance In Real Time

Additionally, the system can also provide real-time updates on attendance records, making it easier for managers to track and monitor attendance.

Whether you’re working in the warehouse, at your office, or working remotely from home, stay up to date with your team’s attendance. You can see it on your dashboard, making sure you have efficient monitoring of who’s clocked in, who was late, and who hasn’t turned up at all.

It provides you with real-time updates on attendance records, making it easier for your managers to track and monitor the attendance of all the employees.

You can also configure notifications that can alert you about late clock-ins, absent workers, expiring certificates, and more, allowing efficient management of all attendance and compliance matters throughout the day.

  • Automatically Generate Timesheets With Award Interpretation, Invoicing & Payroll

As clock ins and outs can be easily measured with this system, Time & Attendance system automatically calculates award rates based on actual hours worked.

It can eliminate the risk of manual error while calculating awards for both underpayments and overpayments for all your employees. It also eliminates double entry once time & attendance is captured, timesheets are updated, awards are calculated and payroll is generated after all the calculations.

Your employees feel appreciated when they are awarded as they know they are valued at your company.

  • Improved Security: Know Who’s On-Site At All Times

You can also be notified when workers who are not scheduled at this hour or day are on site, or when unfamiliar people walk through the door of your office or warehouse. Faces are automatically captured and saved for manual review when they aren’t recognised – to ensure that you know exactly who has been on the premises and may take further steps if you find anything strange.

You can get a better night’s sleep by ensuring that your business and warehouse are safe and secure, and are in keeping with all safety guidelines. With help of this system and its alert messages, you can see who’s on your premises. And the best thing? You don’t even need to be there! All of this information can be checked remotely. 

It really improves the security of your business. Knowing this, you can have that ease of mind.

Finishing Up

Hopefully, we’ve helped you understand some of the great benefits surrounding facial recognition in attendance management systems like BlueSky’s. Our facial recognition system offers a fast and convenient method of tracking attendance to avoid all of the effort required for manual tracking, saving time for both employers and their employees.

Implementing this system can lead to an added asset for your organisation improving efficiency, accuracy, and security at the workplace.

If you’re still having second thoughts about whether this system might be a fit for your organisation, Reach us today. We’re happy to help. 

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