Constantly being stuck in traffic sucks. Wishing for a quicker route?

Routing Optimisation might be the solution you’ve been looking for.

With advanced algorithms and data analysis techniques, routing optimisation is not only a valuable tool for drivers, but for all individuals and businesses to save time, reduce costs, and increase efficiency in their transportation processes. 

From reducing delivery times to improving fleet management, the benefits of routing optimisation are numerous and can have a significant impact on your daily operations. 

If you’re looking for a system to manage routing at your company. We might have ‌something for you at Bluesky.

What is Route Optimisation?

Route optimisation simply means mapping out the most efficient routes for your specific needs. Meaning you can definitely avoid traffic congestion, finding the shortest distance between two points, or factoring in other variables like weather conditions or road closures.

Let’s check out the numerous benefits of routing optimisation.

  • Minimise Your Fuel Consumption

You can ask your driver to keep a device with them so they can access it.

  • Real-time traffic can help them not ‌get stuck in traffic.
  • Reduction in the number of stops can help cut time spent on roads.
  • Avoid unnecessary bypasses and avoid travelling extra distances where possible.

Other things you can do:

  • Knowing your vehicle specifications, considering the size of the vehicle, weight and fuel efficiencies. 
  • For alternate resources of fuel, you can consider using electric or hybrid vehicles.
  • Increased Revenue

Let’s use a family vacation as an example. If you are going to travel to a place from your home and you plan everything ahead, you need to consider your accommodation, food, fuel, the route you’ll take, expected time, and so on. If you are a family of four, your expense calculations will become more complicated. Even for a 4-person family holiday, this could take some planning to budget correctly.

Think about the same scenario for your business. There are a multitude more factors than what goes into your family vacation – and chances are there are a lot more than four people involved! If you know routes ahead, the cost per driver and their schedules, cost of things like materials and others also need to be taken into consideration then think how much time and money you can save leading to increased revenue. 

  • Improve Productivity and Effectiveness

You need to have a system so you can keep tabs on the scheduling in and out times of your drivers. By this you are not exceeding their time on the road, so you are not breaking any law considering human rights. Also, there will be an increase in their productivity and they will be able to focus on their work knowing they are being cared for, which will transition your business in a good way and it can guarantee you that your customers will be satisfied.

  • Maintenance Cost

To put it in simpler words, for travelling on roads, vehicles need to be maintained properly, and if your drivers take more time-efficient routes while delivering the parcels or products then it will lower the natural wear and tear on your delivery vehicles. Reducing the need for frequent maintenance and repairs of the vehicles.

  • Safer Routes

If we are aware that these routes are safe for travelling of goods with routing optimisation, then it will reduce the chances of causing major accidents on the roads, your goods will be safer, and you can know that your goods won’t be lost while commuting and your drivers will feel safer while driving on the roads.

  • Route Monitoring

With the help of route optimisation, you can monitor your vehicles, in real-time, and you will be able to answer customer queries (if any) and manage operations and drivers. It will ensure that ‌drivers are not exceeding speed limits or taking inappropriate breaks, and maintaining standards suggested by governments all with the help of real-time GPS and maps displaying the routes.

  • Customer Royalty

Has a situation like this ever happened to you before? You were surfing the Internet and you came across a fascinating product that really excited you; you purchased it immediately and eagerly awaited for it to arrive at your home. You constantly checked the online tracking of the order, but to your disappointment, it took more days to arrive than the expected delivery date that was mentioned when you ordered it. Finally, when it arrived, you were naturally happy to receive it, but to an extent, your happiness was tinged by the frustration that came with the poor delivery projection. What’s more, the product you received is slightly different from the one you ordered – it may even be slightly damaged. 


Most people can recall a similar situation to the one above. In cases like this, customers’ trust in your products is lost and you can’t even tell them that this was caused by external factors such as weather or poor infrastructure. Here, routing optimisation plays a major role as with help of these customers will get products on time and perfectly and leave a 5-star rating.  

  • Reduction of Errors

The old way of dealing with route planning was route planners used to dedicate many hours to plotting the routes, but there was no guarantee of accurate data and it led to many disasters on the way. And hence, there was no competition for modern software solutions.

With just a few clicks of route optimisation software, you can input all the necessary variables and let the software do the rest – creating the best routes, assigning drivers and vehicles, and scheduling deliveries with ease. And the best part? This software can actually offer up to 35 per cent shorter routes than manual planning, thanks to its ability to calculate the most efficient paths. 

  • Faster Delivery

What if we told you that route optimisation can actually speed up the delivery process? That means customers can get their orders faster, and companies can improve their reputation for fast and reliable delivery. 

So if you’re looking to speed up your delivery process and keep your customers happy, route optimisation might just be the solution you need. And if you customise the software further, it will even take real-time traffic conditions into account, making sure deliveries are always on time, no matter what.

  • Savings

Imagine you have a grocery store and first thing in the morning you have to deliver the groceries to the customers who have ordered previously. In this case, you need to have timely delivery and a route to reach your customers efficiently without spending more on fuel. 

If you take inefficient routes, it can lead to wasted fuel and increased time, ultimately increasing the costs of your store. However, if you use route optimisation software, you can ensure that each truck follows the most efficient route possible, which means you save on fuel and labour costs. 

Wrapping Up 

Whether you’re a small shop or a big player‌, no problem. By utilising advanced algorithms and data analysis techniques, routing optimisation has many benefits as you see. So why not give it a try? 

At Bluesky, we have the perfect routing optimisation system for your company’s needs. Make the smart choice and optimise your routes today for a smoother and more successful tomorrow.

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