“The better you know how to use tools — the more productive you become”.

Tools and Talent go hand-in-hand.

Artificial intelligence is not just the future for managing talent at your company, it could be the present.

Your immediate reaction may be something along the fact that you “definitely need a human touch” for managing or hiring ‌talented staff at our company. You aren’t wrong, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use Artificial Intelligence to augment your ‘human touch’ and improve managing of staff at your company.

Bluesky Creations have a number of software solutions that can help you ‌manage the talent in your company using AI and automation.

Benefits of having Artificial Intelligence for Talent Management

  1. Modernising Recruitment

Your recruitment process needs to be running smoothly. For that, you need your recruitment process to be divided into digestible segments so that you can efficiently recruit your employees.

With AI you can automate your recruitment process by using algorithms to screen CVs. This can drastically reduce the time needed to help you identify the most qualified candidates to fulfill the requirements you have for the designation. Removing the manual human process can also help to reduce the effect of human bias in your recruitment process.

  1. Improved Employee Engagement

“What are the requirements to enter into XYZ role?”
“When is my next performance review?” 
“How many days of leave have I accrued?” 
“Can you explain this part of my contract?”

These questions are the type of questions that the HR department of your company will field at some point or another. We shouldn’t mind if these questions are asked by people at appropriate times and for good reasons, but even with the best of intentions, these simple questions can eat away at your HR departments productivity.

Implementing chatbots installed at your company to answer these basic questions is a great way to ensure that particularly basic requests don’t turn into manual processes. With a properly configured chatbot, if anyone from your staff wants to take leave or get simple answers they just need to give the reason or fill up a form having a requirement. Chatbots can offer personalised guidance that improves employee engagement, and whenever the chatbot can’t answer a question in full, it can always defer to a human.

  1. Predicting Employee Performance

“Performance matters”.

To put it in the simplest words, when your employees are working, you want to know the performance of each and every employee. But keeping ‌track of performance for individual employees is a task that will require data analysis, and the method you use to track their performance may be erroneous. Furthermore, if you implement public performance tracking such as stack ranking or otherwise, it may even negatively affect your employees productivity as they could easily become discouraged.

There are many tools with the help of which extensive data analysis can be performed. By using these tools, HR will be able to identify top performers and reward them, and also provide extra support to low performers to help them get back on track without discouraging them.

  1. Identifying Skills Gaps


Are some of the things ‌you need to identify at your company. With AI you can analyse employee data and recommend training programmes to your employees that are in need to upgrade their skills and knowledge. It will help you in growing your company as well.

  1. Improving Diversity and Inclusion

As we’ve written about in our separate blog on diversity and inclusion, when hiring,  we need to keep in mind that our employees come from all sorts of different backgrounds and cultures. Your Human Resources department shouldn’t be biased when recruiting top talent at your company and everyone should be given a chance to prove themselves irrespective of their appearance, their gender, their country, or their language. Using automation in your onboarding reduces the level of bias in your hiring process.

  1. Keeping Tabs on Performance Management

“Are you or your company burdened with administrative tasks?”

We know reviewing the performance of ‌candidates can quickly become a lot of work.

However, it needs to be done if we are to be able to appreciate our employees for their hard work.

With AI we can securely review the performance of each candidate and get real-time feedback. So monitoring ‌performance becomes easy.

Applications For Talent Management

  1. Resume Screening

With the help of artificial intelligence, you can build software that will scan resumes directly. It will help you filter out the best candidates based on your requirements such as skills, experience, education, and much more.

You just need to fulfill your requirements explicitly or through a form. You can also directly match the candidates as per your needs and post job listings frequently. We can customise your software requirements as per your needs.

  1. Software for All

You can build software for employee recognition and to monitor their performance more closely. You can suggest different programmes for increasing employee development or have a dashboard that can show them their performance and get real-time feedback for their day-to-day activities. This software not only is useful for employees to manage their daily tasks, but also assists you to monitor the performance of your employees over time.

We can build such software for you and you can also visualise the data with the help of different tools which we can tailor to your needs.

In conclusion,

As we have detailed in this article, using Artificial Intelligence in talent management can provide numerous benefits to organisations. AI can assist HR professionals in managing and retaining top talent in their organisations. The applications of AI in talent management include resume screening, chatbots for employee support, and software for employee recognition and performance monitoring. At Bluesky, we can provide customised software solutions to meet your organisation’s needs and assist you in managing your employees more effectively.

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